Samstag, 14. November 2009

New Season!

TJ Schneider is comming through with the first episode in the new season. Enjoi...

Last winter I was shredding around Montafon valley with Tj and Joel. We´ve been filming for TheSnowboardrealms and had a really awesome time together. There was and still is a lot to learn from them. Tj is open minded, he let me film and look over his shoulder, of what Im very thankfull of. He even gave me the opportunity to make European Snowboardrealms, about me travelling, shredding with friends and show people around the world what we are up to.
To make those four "European" episodes was not only a learning process, but also a big pleasure to do. And to be honest, it really helped me out as a rider.
But you know, time goes by and change is in our bag. So the european snowboardrealms are not longer anymore. Just in case, I thought it wouldn`t last for long. The Snowboardrealms is Tj`s baby and im very thankfull that he let me into his world and do those four episodes.
But now its time to move on and do something else.
After filming for a full lenght movie, JRBK continues making short movies and is luckily going to be in collaboration with

With this, I wish TJ all the best for next season and look forward to shred together soon.
I love you.
I also wanna thank everybody who was involved, featured or into it. Specially Peter, Jonas, Eric, Matthieu and Mugl.

Euro Snowboardrealms R.I.P.

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