Dienstag, 3. November 2009


It´s 1989. The wall is gone... gone forever.

We live in eastgermany. Our parents had to take almost 40 years of separation. Separated from their friends and family. Separated from west germany. Separated from the world. Just like a prisoner who never did any crime. Doomed by a goverment that would shoot you if you wanna leave your own country. But they didn´t just took it how it was. 100000 people went out on the streets for a revolution. A peacefull Revolution. The peacefull Revolution of their generation. The peacefull revolution of our past and familys.

It´s 2009. Mama is so proud on Sebi.

I can not imagine how the overwhelming feeling of sebi´s mother was when she saw her son in the latest (#109) onboard magazine. He deserves a spot in eastgermany´s hall of fame for snowboarding the wall of shame. The first ever dude who did it. The first ever dude who snowboarded the wall. This right here is no jump the chinese wall shit, this is a part of history. So get issue #109 of onboardmag to get politically educated or just see sebi skateboarding.

In my opinion.

All i can say till that day of the story about Sebi is that I love this dude. He inspired me from day one. He is the big brother i never had. He went way further than he ever dreamed but not that far as he deserves. Keep on doing it that way I´ll always back you up. wiot


  1. Hands up for Sebi...Hhhhhhoooorrrraaaaayyyyyy!

  2. thats whats up! biggest respect and tightness! keep up doin right things with the right mind...come live next door anytime! all hail and much lovin - wiot4life!!!