Sonntag, 8. November 2009

All Over the World.

Life is getting serious. I can remember the good old days with you my friends. Now your are living everywhere around the world, your in switzerland your in norway. I´m always so stoked to see you guys Snowboarding.

Holger (Orange), Lyse (Blackout), Anna (beige/red) und Mikey in "Les Diablerets"

Luke poppin it in his Backyard in Norway

I wanna Snowboard with you so bad.


  1. Can you read the Letter´s on the nose? It´s J.R.B.K! HO is down.

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  3. hey yo buddy...haha have you spies all over the world to get those pics??? anyway thank u for thinkin of us....we love u and miss that good old days on the good old MaMountain with u all. But i promise, that year (yes,2009) we will have a big schreddaction together....we have to.
    See u soon.
    by the way...last weekend was soooooo goooooooood.

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