Freitag, 27. November 2009

Mt. Seymour

TJ keeps on shredding, even with the most shitty weather out there!

Mittwoch, 25. November 2009

Premier Premier P P P Premiere...

Saturday is the night of the nights! We are going to celebrate our first full lenght movie in Dresden.
For those who are invited and know the adress: wer`e open house at 21.00 Uhr. For all the other cats who want to come by: you are heartly welcome!
Please send an email to

Dienstag, 24. November 2009

You are looking for a new board?

Here`s some product info about Capita´s latest babies.

Johan on the Charlie Slasher board. Perfect for off piste rebels and powder junks.

TJ talks about construction and graphics on his latest Mid Life all around machine.

Last but not least. Blue on the incredibble Horrorscope Reverse Camber jib stick.

Montag, 23. November 2009

Shred That!

Sonntag, 15. November 2009

Fall out

Isn´t the fall the greatest of all seasons? well... we are snowboarders we want our invorenment covered with a cold white layer of snow. But we are skateboarders as well and what could be better than to roll around with your dog´s when the sun is burning? They key is you gotta feel comfortable every day, every season. So don´t be mad. hirozon is in sight. Get outhere and have a look at colorfull mothernature.

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

Video by BSH fall 2008

My spot, photos wiot

Fall in Schnarrtanne , photos Ben

Samstag, 14. November 2009

New Season!

TJ Schneider is comming through with the first episode in the new season. Enjoi...

Last winter I was shredding around Montafon valley with Tj and Joel. We´ve been filming for TheSnowboardrealms and had a really awesome time together. There was and still is a lot to learn from them. Tj is open minded, he let me film and look over his shoulder, of what Im very thankfull of. He even gave me the opportunity to make European Snowboardrealms, about me travelling, shredding with friends and show people around the world what we are up to.
To make those four "European" episodes was not only a learning process, but also a big pleasure to do. And to be honest, it really helped me out as a rider.
But you know, time goes by and change is in our bag. So the european snowboardrealms are not longer anymore. Just in case, I thought it wouldn`t last for long. The Snowboardrealms is Tj`s baby and im very thankfull that he let me into his world and do those four episodes.
But now its time to move on and do something else.
After filming for a full lenght movie, JRBK continues making short movies and is luckily going to be in collaboration with

With this, I wish TJ all the best for next season and look forward to shred together soon.
I love you.
I also wanna thank everybody who was involved, featured or into it. Specially Peter, Jonas, Eric, Matthieu and Mugl.

Euro Snowboardrealms R.I.P.

Freitag, 13. November 2009

My own two feet!

I found two behind the scenes shorties of "My Own Two Feet". A video you have to see! Environmentally correctnes featuring Airblasters highroller Ben Lynch and snowboarding legend Forrest Shearer.

Montag, 9. November 2009

Trans Atlantik Homeboys

Our good friend and supporter TJ Schneider comes around with a little apetizer for Snowboardrealms Season #3.

If you follow Tj´s Story´s from day one you can see a constant evolution in quality of his footage and his style to edit it. I´m sure that season #3 is gonna push the limit´s again and surprise you with nice shots of snowboardings working horse TJ and his friends around the world.

Other hot news came in today from Airblaster "Regular Guy" aka Ricky Hower. Ricky from now on runs a blog called Scorpion Face. The Regular guy is the living icon of having fun on a snowboard and you shouldn´t miss his adventures.

Sonntag, 8. November 2009

All Over the World.

Life is getting serious. I can remember the good old days with you my friends. Now your are living everywhere around the world, your in switzerland your in norway. I´m always so stoked to see you guys Snowboarding.

Holger (Orange), Lyse (Blackout), Anna (beige/red) und Mikey in "Les Diablerets"

Luke poppin it in his Backyard in Norway

I wanna Snowboard with you so bad.

Dienstag, 3. November 2009


It´s 1989. The wall is gone... gone forever.

We live in eastgermany. Our parents had to take almost 40 years of separation. Separated from their friends and family. Separated from west germany. Separated from the world. Just like a prisoner who never did any crime. Doomed by a goverment that would shoot you if you wanna leave your own country. But they didn´t just took it how it was. 100000 people went out on the streets for a revolution. A peacefull Revolution. The peacefull Revolution of their generation. The peacefull revolution of our past and familys.

It´s 2009. Mama is so proud on Sebi.

I can not imagine how the overwhelming feeling of sebi´s mother was when she saw her son in the latest (#109) onboard magazine. He deserves a spot in eastgermany´s hall of fame for snowboarding the wall of shame. The first ever dude who did it. The first ever dude who snowboarded the wall. This right here is no jump the chinese wall shit, this is a part of history. So get issue #109 of onboardmag to get politically educated or just see sebi skateboarding.

In my opinion.

All i can say till that day of the story about Sebi is that I love this dude. He inspired me from day one. He is the big brother i never had. He went way further than he ever dreamed but not that far as he deserves. Keep on doing it that way I´ll always back you up. wiot

Mt. Hood experience

It almost looks like a Airblaster week on our blog.
Here`s the latest teaser you can enjoi.

AIRBLASTER MT. HOOD from Jacob Sutton on Vimeo.