Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

TROPOLL against drunk shredding!

Just wanna say thank you to all you guys for beeing part of the latest poll.
I´m kinda scared that "snowboarding with a hangover felt so good" went out to be the most popular answer on our poll (32%)! For me personally Snowboarding with a hangover felt bad as fuck! But whatever I'm proud that "the whole fridge was rails and boxes" went on second place (23%) cause the whole tropcamp team did a pretty good job on shaping the setup! Place 3 for "people went swimming in the poison filled lake" (20%), I can tell you what, swimming in there is way more suicidal than jumping out of 100 mph driving car! So be careful next time cause you might spend a couple weeks in the hospital after dropin in that puddle. The 4th (14%) was "not breaking my bones trying that trick" just try to not get drunk that hard next year and spend more time shredding cause I want this to be number one after the next fridge adventure. Last and least in our little poll was "going for a shower and catching hot water"(8%) what made me kinda mad cause maybe I was the only dumb dude always showering after you in glacier lake cold water.

So check back on monday! Cause there will be a weekly Poll from now on and I hope your on!
Vote or die! , P

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