Montag, 24. August 2009

Monday Poll: Future Trends

Video Games, Olympics, Fashion Waves, Industry Crisis etc. What is going to be the next big thing that snowbarding has to give it`s blood for?
1. Hardboot freestyle- Imagine somebody in his suite would slice a perfect turn on the gates to backlip a 20 stair.
2.Regular size pants- Everybody would listen to the haters and changing theyr tight or wide shit to random.
3.Comeback wave of retarded pros- From all of the shit that is listed here, THIS could probably happen. I mean, look at skateboarding. And a lot of snowboarders love to copy their shit.
4. Energy Drink snowboards- Fuckk, if this is ever going to happen, Id be hatin the people who support that shit!
5. 1440° onefoot on a box?
6. Back to the roots- Everybody will become BTR style, have more respect to the nature and be intrested in it`s history. (Not only fashion wise)
7. Im not going to vote


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