Dienstag, 4. August 2009


we are proud to intruduce you this years Summercamp high rollers.
and a newsarticle about it in the snowboarder MBM blog .

BEST SLAM: BEN for hitting the rail with booth schinbones wich is called the "BENSLIDE" from now on.

MOST POP: SEBI for just poping over all the stuff you scared to jump on. see him jumping over your house soon

WORST FOOD: MICK continues his long historie of bad food with bread toped with 6 slices of salami, liversausage and garlic sauce.

BEST STUNT: SAZ Airwalks with a snowscooter and im sure he´s going for a tailwhip next camp.

MOST PFEFFI: BONE for killing 6 bootles of Pepermint liqour in 2 days. ask him for a "U-Boot"

LAST MAN STANDING: MARX for going to bed when everybody else is about to go for breakfast.

HARD DANCE: PEAT for keeping the party alive with rediculas dance moves. battle him for money and you gonna live under the bridge soon.

REAL RAP: Krause for the real rap charma in beetween 100 longshirt wiggas. roots homie!

BEST GIRL: ADA for attacking every rail in the fridge and not having a girl snowboardstyle.

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