Montag, 26. Oktober 2009


For all who haven`t seen it already: "Get that Movie!

Don`t believe me.
The Airblaster Movie features some of the most innovate/individual riders to date. Captured during their mega fun time all around the globe. And if you ask me, id say:" Airblaster is makin one of the best snowboard movies after Robot food closed doors."

Starting form the bottom line, remember December with Travis Parker and Andrew Crawford travelling around east europe student style? For snowboard movies, december was a revolution!
Then April with a more grown crew and those crazy rhythm sections. August was relased last year, after a whole month of camping and shredding Mt. Hood with the whole team. And not to forget Bikecar as a outstanding documentary.
If you watch one after another, you can see a constant evolution of tricks, riders and production.
But all in all, whatever Airblaster video makes you wanna go out and snowboard so bad!

The fourth video which is featuring the entire team, is the first one which was not only filmed within a month, so the crew had some more time for travelling places and filming a lot of different terrrain. It`s showcasing a lot of way`s how to approach a woodstick properly through it`s magical spirit. There are even two really awesome parts of Airblaster`s up and comming riders in there too.

"...riding friends..."

All of those above kick ass!
No more words on that re-view, I dont want to tell to much.
Have your own viewing pleasure and order The rare Airblaster Movie HERE!

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