Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

First Day! what a Day!

It´s 9:00 am on Sunday the 18th of October +4 degrees down here in the valley, it´s grey and rainy. Destination and intention are clear, get to the top of the Fichtelberg and enjoy the first snow with your friends.

On the way up, photo wiot

We (Bone, Peat, Mareen) are the first of our possie up here. It´s -5 degrees now! Strapping the boot´s packing the bags. Yes! Tight! Ben and SAZ are arriving! Where is Jo-anus? ooo! There he is! Let´s go drop in! 40cm of fresh snow waiting for us!
I hope Seb is fast changing his wintertires.

Bone and Ben just happy to be up there, photo wiot

The first ride was amazing, you can see it in every face. First Stop Eckbauer!
Everybody started to prepare something. Action everywhere.

Jo-anus and Bone control Ben´s building work, photo wiot

SAZ 5-0! first day, first rail. photo wiot

Slam is around to, photo wiot

Anna brought us the good message: "The tourist gondola is open!"
How much? 15 bucks 7 rides? Well... okay! Do it!

SAZ and Peat magic Airgoggles in the Gondola, photo Ben

After taking three awesome laps the telephone rang. Yeaha it´s Seb and Sandy!
We gonna meet em at the valley station in 10 minutes! Amazing!
Local Crew in full effect from now on!
Let´s go back to the first spot!

Sebi´s first day Method, photo wiot

Ben reshaping his roof jump, photo wiot

Come on! Do it! Drop in! Shake, shake, shake and BANG!

Don´t be scared he´s alright! It´s close to 4pm now time to leave. I changed my ride, driving with SAZ and Ben, destination Satzung.
Wo..Wo..Wo! A cow in the middle of the street? Come on get her back behind the fence!

SAZ and Ben Miriquidi Cowboys, photo wiot

What a first day? A good one! A amazing one! Way better then I expected! Life is so good!
Thank you homeboys and -girls for giving me a new unforgetable day.
how was your first snow?