Samstag, 13. Juni 2009

Sandboarding doesn`t mean Shit

Grab your board and DIY!
As you have seen on the Springdance Strip, we haven`t done this for the first time and we have to say that Sandboarding is fucking awesome!
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All you need is your regular shred hardware and don`t be afraid of base scratches. Sebi and peat hiking through the sand b.c.

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The Sand makes it kind of slow, so don`t be afraid to choose a more steeper sand run. Sebi first descent.

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So we learned that, just sliding on the sand is not that hard but the other side of the sword is, that it is hundred times more sticky than super slush. You`ve got to be a tough motherfucker to stick your jumps. Sebi Tailgrab

all pic`s by murduck

Watch our past sandisfaction here


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