Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009


JRBK`s first full length amateur film -Bonk`M`ALL- dropping October `09! watch in HQ!

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Next season`s least anticipated shred flick -Bonk`M`ALL- is not going to be your favorite movie.
It`s full of raw moments and can not be compared with your regular part on part nice face disco romantics.
Not filmed on HD, dude it isn´t even three chip, this "no budget " shred film will be released on a limited amount of VHS tapes around the world. Following our whole crew through their past season moves, from early day carpet rides to knee deep powder runs, tree jibs, rails until the last slushy days of winter, or other marvellous adventures like Airblaster`s August trip and tons of Bonus material, BMA should be an exciting movie for all you shred nerds outthere.

Don`t believe the hype!

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