Montag, 7. September 2009


He dude! You have way too much time today cause i see you lurkin around on the JRBKblog. You are over spying after girls on myspace? you updated your facebook stats the 7th time today?
okay i´m gonna feed you up.

1st: check your wallet if there are any coins left.

2nd: spend thoose on the latest issue (107) of the ONBOARD mag to see the undead Sebi on the last page rippin it. If you still can find some liquid founds in your pocket get also the latest PLEASURE mag and check the Shredniks Shredfest article, our good friend Jonas Michilot giving you some trick advices and Sebi tweakin and grabin it on ways you never thaught it would work out.

3rd: Get beer, some blunts, munchies and Hamburgers and live like god in france.

4rd: Now sit back and watch this nice edit by MISCHIEF Skateboards and try to locate sebi.

Titus Chemnitz from mischief on Vimeo.

5th: Fuck all this Stuff! Throw your pc against the wall right now! Just go and ride your Skateboard dawg!